1.  Vitaly Minakov (Bellator Champion)
2.  Damian Grabowski (M-1 Global Champion)
3.  Marcin Tybura (M-1 Global)
4.  Alexander Volkov (Bellator)
5.  Kenny Garner (M-1 Global)
6.  Magomed Malikov (M-1 Global)
7.  Sergei Kharitonov (M-1 Global)
8.  Andrei Arlovski (WSOF)
9.  Cheick Kongo (Bellator)
10. Satoshi Ishii (IGF Champion)

Other Contenders: Ryan Martinez (Bellator), Karol Bedorf (KSW Champion), Mike Russow (WSOF), Blagoi Ivanov (Bellator), Dmitriy Sosnovskiy (ProFC)

Light Heavyweight
1.  Emanuel Newton (Bellator)
2.  Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (Bellator)
3.  Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal (Bellator)
4.  Attila Vegh (Bellator Champion)
5.  Yoshiyuki Nakanishi (DEEP Champion)
6.  Viktor Nemkov (M-1 Global Champion)
7.  Mikhail Zayats (Bellator)
8.  Mike Kyle (WSOF)
9.  Vladimir Matyushenko (Bellator)
10. Jason Jones (BAMMA Champion)

Other Contenders: Luiz Cane (SFT), Christian M’Pumbu (Bellator), Roger Gracie (Free Agent), Paul Buentello (Legacy FC), Moise Rimbon (Dare)

1.  Alexander Shlemenko (Bellator Champion)
2.  Mamed Khalidov (KSW)
3.  Yushin Okami (WSOF)
4.  Maiquel Falcao (Oplot)
5.  Ramazan Emeev (M-1 Global Champion)
6.  Vyacheslav Vasilevsky (M-1 Global)
7.  Jay Silva (KSW)
8.  Michal Materla (KSW Champion)
9.  Brett Cooper (Bellator)
10. Doug Marshall (Bellator)

Other Contenders: Dan Cramer (Bellator), Eun Soo Lee (ROAD FC Champion), Kazuhiro Nakamura (DEEP Champion), Jesse Taylor (WSOF), Elvis Mutapcic (WSOF)

1.  Ben Askren (ONE FC)
2.  Douglas Lima (Bellator)
3.  Steve Carl (WSOF Champion)
4.  Rousimar Palhares (WSOF)
5.  Rick Hawn (Bellator)
6.  Josh Burkman (WSOF)
7.  Jon Fitch (WSOF)
8.  Paul Daley (BAMMA)
9.  Aslambek Saidov (KSW Champion)
10. Yasubey Enomoto (Fight Nights)

Other Contenders: Andrey Koreshkov (Bellator), Nobutatsu Suzuki (ONE FC), Michael Page (Bellator), Shamil Zavurov (Bellator), Ryan Ford (WSOF)

1.  Eddie Alvarez (Bellator Champion)
2.  Michael Chandler (Bellator)
3.  Shinya Aoki (ONE FC Champion)
4.  Musa Khamanaev (M-1 Global Champion)
5.  Justin Gaethje (WSOF Champion)
6.  Will Brooks (Bellator)
7.  Naoyuki Kotani (ZST Champion)
8.  David Rickels (Bellator)
9.  Vuyisile Colossa (ONE FC)
10. Saad Awad (Bellator)

Other Contenders: Kotetsu Boku (ONE FC), Isao Kobayashi (King of Pancrase), Ramazan Esenbaev (IGF), Kuniyoshi Hironaka (Shooto Champion), Lowen Tynanes (ONE FC)

1.  Daniel Straus (Bellator Champion)
2.  Pat Curran (Bellator)
3.  Georgi Karakhanyan (WSOF Champion)
4.  Patricio Freire (Bellator)
5.  Shinya Aoki (ONE FC)
6.  Kazunori Yokota (DEEP Champion)
7.  Caol Uno (Shooto)
8.  Koji Oishi (ONE FC Champion)
9.  Daniel Weichel (Bellator)
10. Daniel Romero (Shooto)

Other Contenders: Matt Bessette (Bellator), Hiroyuki Takaya (Shooto), Diego Nunes (Bellator), Magomedrasul Khasbulaev (Bellator), Marat Gafurov (M-1 Global Champion)

1.  Bibiano Fernandes (ONE FC Champion)
2.  Marlon Moraes (WSOF)
3.  Eduardo Dantas (Bellator Champion)
4.  Joe Warren (Bellator)
5.  Masakatsu Ueda (ONE FC)
6.  Soo-Chul Kim (ROAD FC)
7.  Marcos Galvao (Bellator)
8.  Kevin Belingon (ONE FC)
9.  Luis Alberto Nogueira (Bellator)
10. Shintaro Ishiwatari (King of Pancrase)

Other Contenders: Cody Bollinger (WSOF), Rafael Silva (Bellator), Yuta Sasaki (Shooto), Tyson Nam (WSOF), Anthony Leone (Bellator)

1.  Ryuichi Miki (Shooto Champion)
2.  Shinichi “BJ” Kojima (ONE FC)
3.  Tatsumitsu Wada (DEEP Champion)
4.  Haruo Ochi (DEEP)
5.  Kentaro Watanabe (Shooto)
6.  Nam Jin Jo (ROAD FC)
7.  Mikihito Yamagami (Shooto)
8.  Yasuhiro Urushitani (ONE FC)
9.  Alexandre Pantoja Passidomo (Shooto Brazil)
10. Yuki Motoya (DEEP)

Other Contenders: Kiyotaka Shimizu (King of Pancrase), Adriano Moraes (ONE FC), Hideo Tokoro (Shooto), Dileno Lopes (Shooto Brazil), Yosuke Saruta (Shooto)

Junior Flyweight
1.  Mitsuhisa Sunabe (King of Pancrase)
2.  Rambaa Somdet (PXC)
3.  Shinya Murofushi (Shooto Champion)
4.  Junji Ito (Shooto)
5.  Yuki Shojo (Shooto)
6.  Yoshitaka “Nobita” Naito (Shooto)
7.  Tadaaki Yamamoto (Shooto)
8.  Noboru Tahara (Pancrase)
9.  Hiroyuki Abe (Pancrase)
10. Tatsuya Yamamoto (Shooto)

Other Contenders: Gilberto Dias (Shooto Brazil), Jun Nakamura (Shooto), Akihito Sasao (Shooto), Masayoshi Kato (Shooto), Ryosuke Tanuma (ZST Champion)

2008 55kg Freestyle Olympic Champion Henry Cejudo will make his MMA debut on March 2nd, 2013

Jon Jones: Black UFC Champion

Contributed by Correspondent Destro

The case of Jon Jones serves to once again remind us of a particular nasty element engrained in the marrow of the MMA body: widespread anti-black racism amongst the fan base. Anti-black racism in MMA is nothing new, it has existed since the foundation of the sport in the early 1990‘s. A time when black men dominated the premiere combat sport of boxing. Racist white males who had a lust for blood sport sought an alternative to boxing, one in which they could root on a winning fighter who shared their same skin pigmentation. This being unheard of in boxing at the time, they drifted towards MMA, where the lesser caliber of athlete and fighter resulting from a lack of monetary incentive meant that white fighters were not only competing at the highest levels of the sport, they were dominating it. Fast forward to the year 2012 and not much has changed. Anti-black racism is simmering white hot beneath the surface of a thin veneer, and it boils its rank bile over any time a black athlete finds success in the cage.

Jon Jones is the epitome of what the average insecure and frustrated racist MMA fan hates about the sport; A young and clean cut black man who bucks all stereotypes while dominating every challenger to the gold around his waist. The venom hurled at Jon Jones has seen a surge since his refusal to accept a fight with Chael Sonnen on less than two weeks notice after his original challenger, Dan Henderson, withdrew due to a knee injury. Even UFC president Dana White has joined in on the anti-Jones hate fest, saying that he is “disgusted” with Jon Jones’ refusal to fight Sonnen on short notice. White would then go on to criticize Jones for not endearing himself to the MMA fan base more effectively. One cannot expect Jon Jones to win over the hearts and minds of a fan base which has gained the notorious reputation of harboring the most staunchly racist bigots within its ranks. So much so in fact that the largest white racist website on the internet, Stormfront, has but one sport with its own dedicated section, and that sport is MMA.

Furthermore, what kind of president publicly berates a prize fighter for refusing a new challenger in a championship fight on less than two weeks notice? Its bad enough to put the fighter in that position in the first place, but to then attack him for making the wise decision to refuse the fight takes things to a level of malice that is borderline hateful. When a fighter is subjected to racist hatred from a fan base, there is a problem, but when the president of the organization joins in on the bash fest, there is a cancerous disease that must be addressed.

One might wonder why a company would not only tolerate, but passively encourage, rampant racism to flood its fan base. Well, the answer is within the question itself; the fan base. Young white males dominate the majority of UFC fans. Zuffa has tried and failed to crack the Hispanic and Asian markets, so the fact remains that they are stuck with a majority white consumer base. As mentioned previously, this base from its inception was created by the racist desire to see white combat athletes victorious. Many of the young white males who watch the UFC harbor insecurities which compel them to root for white fighters, and it makes business-sense for Zuffa to feed this desire, and rake in the profits off it. So as long there is money to be made in pandering white fighters to a white audience, Zuffa will continue.

The racist fueled treatment of Jon Jones is but the newest example in a long and rotten history of anti-black racism in MMA, a history that so many want to marginalize and ignore. We saw it with Rashad Evans, and before him, Rampage Jackson. We’ve seen it with Melvin Guillard, with Bob Sapp, with Cheick Kongo, the list goes on. The white hooded elephant in the room of MMA has become a raging menace that is threatening to destroy what little integrity the sport has managed to cling to over years of mismanagement from the Zuffa brass. It must be proclaimed with thunderous indignation that no longer will racism of any magnitude be tolerated in the name of leeching dollars and cents from a bigoted fan base into the pockets of race pimping Zuffa big wigs.

Dana White: Mad Again

Story contributed by Correspondent Meir Kahane Fan

Antisemitism is nothing new in MMA, for some time there have been fighters who for whatever reason are against the Jewish people. Sometimes these beliefs are cultured in prison, where men are forced to band together by race in an effort to protect themselves from predators, and sometimes these beliefs are cultivated because of being ineffective in life.

Recently in Strikeforce, a clearly antisemetic fighter was allowed to fight. Brandon “White Steel” Saling had his debut in the organization, and was quickly defeated by another white fighter. Saling spent some time in prison for sex with a child, and has the typical antisemitic tattoos on his body. He has the 88 which stands for H H, or Heil Hitler, as well as the SS bolts from the Schutzstaffel secret police force of Nazi Germany. This type of thing is not surprising, the man comes from a very ineffective position in life as evidenced by his lust for child sex, as well as his poor attitude during the fight shoving a black cutman. I actually do not have a problem with letting this man fight, as long as he isn’t making money for antisemetic sources, as they funnel that money back into people who actively hunt Jewish people for sport.

There have been several antisemetic fighters in MMA, the first one to gain popularity among lower class people was Melvin Costa, who proudly displays the Nazi eagle across his chest in a disgusting tattoo. He fell out of the public eye when he was unable to prove the supposed superiority of his genes in combat, and was forced into obscurity in the 500 dollar a fight leagues.

One of the first fighters to profit from the blood of the Jewish people was TUF winner Mac Danzig. Mac Danzig accepted over 20,000 dollars to wear the now defunct Nazi inspired “Hoelzer Reich” brand. Mac fits the profile of being socially inefective, and was only able to achieve socially in life after taking money from the Hell’s Angels backed clothing brand. Before he became famous after being promoted on Spike TV, he was socially awkward and slept on a wrestling mat every day. Now with ill gained Nazi money he is able to propel himself into a higher social strata. The UFC shamelessly promotes this bitter man because the large white racist fanbase of the UFC demands such fighters.

Mac Danzig as a socially awkward urban enthusiast

Mac Danzig in his new Nazi inspired image

With Nazi fighters going primetime on national TV every single fight card, it is unclear if the UFC has an actual intrest in fixing these types of problems. I guess it doesn’t matter how elderly Jewish people are attacked and killed in the streets as long as people can make a buck. In 2010, 67% percent of all hate crimes committed in the United States were because of the offenders antisemetic bias, making Jewish people far more targeted than any group, including gays and Muslims. owner and official record keeper of the sport Kirik Jenness supported Hoelzer Reich until the bitter end, until it became politically expedient not to. He recently wrote a non sincere article about this subject on his blog page to seem as though he cares about these issues. Growing up in apartheid South Africa, he clearly sees the world differently than most mainstream Americans. Hopefully with more education and shedding light on these topics, these spiritually confused people who promote these types of things can be curtailed a bit. There are more important things in life than money, and you should not earn money if it means someone will be beaten and killed for who their parents were.

The infamous End of Year Podcast that rocked the MMA world in 2005 and 2009 is back, bigger and better than ever.

Sit back and take in the New Year with all of your favorite MMA personalities, including, Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo, Mike Goldberg, Katherine Bryant, Rampage Jackson, George St Pierre, Nick Diaz, Jon Ron O’Reagan, Michael Bisping, Aryan Hawaii, Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, Eddie Goldstein, Shitstain McCain and Scoop Mctroll.

Contributed by Correspondent Destro

Former UFC fighter and TUF washout Nate “Rock” Quarry has not fought in over a year, and without a victory in over two, he has become largely irrelevant to the current state of MMA. Though rough times seem to have clouded this fact from him, as he has set his sights on a new endeavor within the sport of MMA, that of an on air personality.

Posting to the Underground forum, Quarry bluntly stated, “I want to be an on-air personality for the UFC… there, I said it.”

He would go on to state his case for why he believes this would be a good idea, and concluded by pleading for his fans to rally behind his cause, stating, “Do I have your support?”

Ignoring (for a moment) how ridiculous and awkward it is to beg on a public forum for his former employer to rehire him, it is quite possibly more absurd for Nate “The Personality of a Rock” Quarry to seek a job which in its very title shows him to be unqualified; In order to be an “on-air personality” doesn’t one first need to actually possess a personality?

And surely the fact that there are seemingly no internal avenues available to Quarry for him to seek this employment (hence the use of a public message board) must be telling that this is not something the UFC is at all interested in. Should this not have been a sign for Quarry to pick up on? In his child-like naivety did he really believe a public campaign would rally enough support to convince the Zuffa brass to hire him for a position he has not demonstrated qualification for?

And this raises yet another uncomfortable question that must be asked; Does Zuffa reward company loyalty, or simply cast former employees to the compost heap once they have been physically exhausted of their ability to compete in the cage?

One thing that cannot be questioned is Quarry’s almost dog-like loyalty to Zuffa, “I told Dana when I first signed with the UFC, I will never fight anywhere else. If the UFC cut me, that’s it for me” stated Quarry.

So surely it is not too much to expect that a semblance of loyalty is due in return. Simply providing former fighters with a means of direct communication to the company would be a gesture of good will and save once revered fighters from reducing themselves to public pleas for employment. Years of sacrificing one’s bodily health for relative peanuts so that company fat cats such as Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta can rake in millions of dollars deserves better.

So let this case serve as a bold warning to current and future UFC fighters who expect their blood, sweat, and loyalty to be justly rewarded upon retirement. Relying on Zuffa for anything but a pink slip may find you holding an electronic cardboard sign on some street corner of the internet, begging for work, right next to Nate Quarry.

Red gives an exclusive report on Fedor vs Monson, UFC139, Stephan Bonnar, Martin Kampmann, Sarah Kaufman interview highlights.

on this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman speaks with Victor Cui, the CEO and owner of the ONE Fighting Championship.

Based in Singapore, ONE FC ran their first mixed martial arts card on September 3, 2011. They have led the establishment of the ONE Asia Partnership Network, which is a mutually exclusive partnership of mixed martial arts organizations and gyms across Asia and the Pacific which will co-promote events and share fighters. So far, ONE FC has partnered with Dream in Japan, URCC in the Philippines, Cage Fighting Championship in Australia, ROAD Fighting Championship in Korea, DARE Fightsports in Thailand, Team Lakay Wushu in the Philippines, Tiger Muay Thai and MMA in Thailand, Tigers Gym in India, Evolve Mixed Martial Arts in Singapore, Legacy Gym in Thailand, Tough MMA in Taiwan, Synergy Jiu-Jitsu in Indonesia, Juggernaut FC in Singapore, Fightworks Asia in Singapore, PAK MMA in Pakistan, Team Force in Korea, MuayFit in Malaysia, and Leverage MMA in Malaysia.

With numerous other partnerships and television deals in the works, ONE FC has already announced three events for 2012: February 11, 2012, in Jakarta, Indonesia, at the Kelapa Gading Sports Mall; March 31, 2012, in Singapore, Singapore, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium; and April 27, 2012, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at the Stadium Negara.

Clearly, ONE FC has emerged as the largest mixed martial arts event in Asia.

We spoke by Skype with Victor Cui on Wednesday about the development of ONE FC and their plans. He explained that “the way to exponentially grow, and quickly, a sport is cooperatively.” While he obviously is building his own MMA organization and this network, he stressed that MMA organizations should “work together.” He said, “The goal here is the greater good.”

Our lengthy discussion included topics such as their plans for televising their events throughout Asia, the issues of governance of MMA and fighter safety, the importance of the martial arts traditions in Asia and seeing MMA as part of that, the potential for Asia to become a mixed martial arts capital of the world, boxing and MMA, their attitude to other organizations such as M-1 Global and UFC, and much more.

We also open with a commentary on the widespread analysis of people like Professor Kishore Mahbubani of Singapore that we are now in the “Asian Century”, and the future of the combat sports.

The No Holds Barred theme song is called “The Heist”, by Ian Carpenter.

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The American Sambo Association, which is committed to becoming the premier association in the U.S. dedicated to the advancement of Sambo. Sambo is a form of sport, self-defense, and combat established in the former Soviet Union during the early twentieth century. For more information, go to

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On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman previews the highly-anticipated rematch between IBF bantamweight champion Abner Mares and the former two-time IBF bantamweight champion Joseph King Kong Agbeko, and the fight between WBA bantamweight super champion Anselmo Moreno and former two-division world champion Vic Darchinyan.

These two fights take place Saturday, December 3, at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, and will be telecast live in the U.S. on Showtime.

The first fight between Mares (22-0-1, 13 KOs), who was a Mexican Olympian in 2004 and now lives in California, and Agbeko (28-3, 22 KOs), from Accra, Ghana, and now fighting out of the Bronx, New York, was held August 13, 2011, in Las Vegas. While it was officially ruled a majority decision win for Mares, it was marred by a major controversy since Mares landed numerous low blows but was not penalized by referee Russell Mora. Mares even dropped Agbeko with a clear-cut shot to the groin in the 11th round, but the referee ruled it a legal knockdown. This fight was the final bout in the Showtime bantamweight tournament, but since it generated so much heated controversy, an immediate rematch was scheduled.

Although Moreno (31-1-1, 11 KOs), from Panama City, Panama, holds a WBA bantamweight belt and is highly regarded as a skillful boxer, most of his fights have been in his home country, and he has never before fought in the U.S. The slugger Darchinyan (37-3-1, 27 KOs), originally from Armenia and now fighting out of Sydney, Australia, is coming off two straight wins after losing a split decision to Mares in the opening round of the Showtime bantamweight tournament.

With Nonito Donaire moving up to super bantamweight, the winners of these fights will stake a claim to being the best bantamweight boxer in the world.

We spoke with Abner Mares, Anselmo Moreno, and Vic Darchinyan on a recent media conference call (Agbeko was also scheduled for that call but never made it on). We got their views on what to expect in their fights. We also heard Abner Mares candidly discuss the controversy in his first fight with Joseph Agbeko, and what he would have done differently if the referee had taken points away from him for low blows.

The No Holds Barred theme song is called “The Heist”, by Ian Carpenter.

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Thanks, Eddie Goldman

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